SJB Group is an oil trading & marketing company specialized in low sulphur fuel oil, intermediate feedstocks and specially fuels for the marine sector. We work closely with clients to customize products to their needs.

SJB has the insight, financial resources and internal infrastructure to benefit from every move the market makes. We can go in any direction – buy -- sell -- or hold. As a flexible small company, owned by it's management; we can quickly adapt to new market conditions.

SJB has mastered the lengthy process of purchasing oil in an intermediate state and blending it to user’s specifications. We do so with speed, flexibility and quality of service.

We keep sufficient inventory so we can always respond to clients’ needs. At our storage facilities, we use several small tanks instead of a few large ones. This allows us to separately store various grades of oil, which enables us to supply our clients multiple grades.

We are always looking for opportunities. Where possible, we will use our knowledge to expand into new geographical areas and related products.



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